Fixed Fees

Fixed Fees $AUD (including GST)


Initial 15-minute telephone consultation:
No Charge

Mediation invitation (two contact attempts per invitee (if required) and issuing Section 60I Certificate and/or Certificate of Dispute Resolution if applicable):
*A further $100 is charged for each additional invitee

Pre-mediation assessment / intake (up to one hour):
$300 (per party)

Half-day mediation (up to five hours):
$2,000 (shared by parties)

Full-day mediation (over five hours):
$3,000 (shared by parties)

Child-Inclusive Mediation (CIM) (per day):
$4,000 (shared by parties)

Venue charged at cost:
$250 to $500 (shared by parties)

Preparation reading for up to two hours (in total):
No Charge

Travel throughout South-East Qld and Northern NSW:
No Charge
Further travel by negotiation.


Individual Counselling / Psychotherapy (per hour):

Relationship, Family or Co-Parenting Counselling / Psychotherapy (per hour):
$250 (shared by parties)

Written report detailing outcome of therapeutic intervention (minimum of five 1-hour therapy sessions):

Relationship counselling invitation (two contact attempts (if required) and issuing Counselling Certificate if applicable):

3-month Co-Parenting Communication Program (CPCP) (14 1-hour therapy sessions, written report):
$4,000 (shared by parents)

3-month Step-Parenting Communication Program (SPCP) (14 1-hour therapy sessions, no written report):
$4,000 (per step-parent)

6-month Behaviour Change Program (BCP) (28 1-hour therapy sessions, written report):
$8,000 (per participant)

12-month Soul Therapy & Coaching Program (STCP) (56 1-hour therapy and coaching sessions, customised recorded mantras / meditations, no written report):
$16,000 (per client)

Consulting / Workshops

Hourly Rate:

Daily Rate:

By Negotiation

Note: Medicare rebates under the Australian Better Access Scheme are not available for my Psychotherapy services, however certain Private Health Funds will allow benefits to be claimed for my Psychotherapy services.